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ELCA Bishop Eaton Recognizes DVAM

ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton filmed a video to recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month. She calls upon Lutherans to spread awareness about gender-based violence and the need to prevent it. Read more...

Spotlight: A Movie Worth Discussing

FaithTrust Institute Offers a Multi-Faith Discussion Guide for SPOTLIGHT: The film offers a wonderful opportunity for faith communities to openly discuss the impact of child sexual abuse, and also address the steps that we can take to ensure safe communities for children and others who are vulnerable. Read more...


Recent Blog Posts

GUEST BLOG: Just My Mother's Daughter

“For crying out loud!” I yelled for three long months, starting in early June. “My whole life’s being hijacked!” “Why NOW?” I asked, as if there’s ever a good time for a case of abuse threatening to destroy a ninety-year-old—who just happens to be my mother, living hundreds of miles away.



Rape Culture: The 2016 Presidential Campaign

This is what Rape Culture looks like—Donald Trump’s “locker room” chat that was recorded and is now before us. I am not as offended by the lewdness of his comments as I am by his aggression and his assumption of entitlement to women...



Good News for New Year 5777

As I wish blessings in the New Year to Jewish friends and colleagues, there is also good news to celebrate. There is finally a solution to the problem of the get in Modern Orthodox Judaism. For centuries, women have suffered because a husband in a divorce refused to give the get, the agreement to divorce, to his wife. Orthodox Jewish wives, committed to Jewish law, could find themselves bound to a spouse for life which meant that they could not remarry. Many Jewish battered women have suffered from get refusal on the part of an abuser and even rabbinic tribunals have been powerless to force a husband to give a get. Now there is an answer: a halakhic prenup.


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