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Upcoming Training

Teaching Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201 | Seattle, WA

Apr 27, 2015 to Apr 29, 2015

This training in Seattle, from April 27-29, focuses on "prevention" and will equip trainers to teach Healthy Boundaries 101: Fundamentals & 201: Beyond Basics. The course is designed for those who are designated by their judicatory or organization to train clergy and spiritual teachers about healthy boundaries. Participants will deepen their own understanding of the issues, explore new challenges, and expand their options for training others. Read more...

What's New

Black Press USA Speaks with Rev. Dr. Sharon Ellis Davis on Rape in the Black Community

Rev. Dr. Sharon Ellis Davis spoke with Black Press USA about sexual assault, the Black community and the role of the church. Rev. Davis Ellis will present a webinar with FaithTrust Institute on March 25, 2015 called "Battered African American Women: An Examination of Gender Entrapment". Read more...

National Council of Catholic Women Offers Resource for Addressing Domestic Violence

National Council of Catholic Women has developed a Catholic-oriented domestic abuse prevention resource guide, available online. Read more...


Recent Blog Posts

A Tale of the Usual and the Unusual

The story of Mohammad Abdullah Saleem of Elgin, IL, is not unlike that of a Catholic priest, a Protestant pastor, a Jewish rabbi, or a Buddhist teacher who has sexually molested a faithful follower. Over the past 30 years, we have heard from many survivors of abuse by a faith leader in all of these groups, but few Muslim survivors. It has simply been harder to break the silence in the Muslim community where any discussion of anything sexual remains largely taboo.



GUEST BLOG: Campus Sexual Assault is a Civil Rights Issue

Last Friday marked the opening of “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary about rape on American college campuses, in which students share painful testimonies about sexual violation and frustrated hopes for justice. The film highlights the serious human toll resulting from the fact that roughly one in five women faces sexual assault during her college years... “The Hunting Ground” comes at an important moment in the public conversation about the epidemic of campus sexual assault in this country. While the movement to raise awareness about widespread sexual victimization of college women has continued to gain momentum, the countermovement that has emerged is fierce.



What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

“As gun rights advocates push to legalize firearms on college campuses, an argument is taking shape: Arming female students will help reduce sexual assaults.” I will tell you exactly what will go wrong. Here’s how it will go. Undergrad Sally is given a handgun by her parents on her birthday. Sally attends an abbreviated gun safety class which includes target practice. Sally now carries her gun in her backpack on campus. She says she feels safer. Two possible scenarios:


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