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May 30 Webinar: Understanding Victims of Clergy Abuse

With our partner, Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence, FaithTrust Institute is presenting a free webinar to discuss the specific needs of victims of clergy abuse. Presenter: Rev. Dr. Sarah Rieth The webinar will take place online on May 30 at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET. Read more...

Rev. Dr. Fortune at University of the Incarnate Word

Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune was invited by University of the Incarnate Word's National Endowment for the Humanities Trauma Grant Cohort to offer a keynote addresss on May 1, 2017 titled, "What’s Wrong with Rape: Institutional, Personal, and Theological Reflections". Read more...


Recent Blog Posts

Has Nothing Changed?

As Sexual Assault Awareness and Action Month draws to a close, we might pause to consider where we are. Thirty years ago, Catherine MacKinnon said, “The fact is, anything that anybody with power experiences as sex is considered ipso facto not violence, [i.e. not wrong] because someone who matters enjoyed it.”



We Showed Up

Women learn at an early age to live with fear of violence—at home, at school, in the workplace, on the street. This awareness is something we all share even though our ways of coping with it may differ.



GUEST BLOG: Dancing in the Darkness

My friend Amy doesn’t do windows. Unless she happens to be working on a computer system using Microsoft. In that case, she’s an expert, on single PC’s or corporate systems. In the course of this work, with all the fast clicking often required to solve complicated, technological issues, she’s sometimes found herself accidentally running across a whole can of worms no ethical person would dare to ignore. Amy does do doors, if need be. Even if those doors open into places where others might fear to tread.


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