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16 Days of Activism begins on November 25 and runs through December 10. Click here to see the daily offering of  inspiring videos and reflections on "The Stories That Inspire Our Work"


What's New

Meaningful Voices Book Club Begins Soon!

In January, 2016, FaithTrust Institute is launching the Meaningful Voices Book Club. Featuring books by significant voices in the field of violence against women, FaithTrust Institute will convene an online, bi-monthly webinar and chat with Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune, authors and colleagues. The Meaningful Voices Book Club is designed to foster conversations between advocates, clergy, divinity students, and lay leaders on the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence and the ramifications of violence on individuals, our faith communities, and the wider culture. The online book discussions, blogs and chats will also increase awareness of what individuals can do to support victims and respond effectively and sensitively to victims/survivors, their families, and abusers. By reading and talking about significant books, we can create an international discussion for those doing this important work. Read more...

In Memoriam: Rita Gross

Rita Gross, feminist theologian, scholar of women and religion, and Buddhist teacher, died on November 11, 2015 in her home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She will be missed. Those of us fortunate enough to know her will remember her great spirit and her pathbreaking work. Read more...

Move to End Violence: Working to Create a Powerful Engine for Social Change

Rev. M.L. Daniel, Program Manager of FaithTrust Institute, was selected to participate in the prestigious Novo Foundation's Move to End Violence Program. This two-year cohort of Movement Makers is working to strengthen, innovate and transform the organizations that are already working to address the epidemic of violence against girls and women. Read more...


Recent Blog Posts

16 Days of Activism: The Stories That Inspire Our Work

As we approach the end of 2015, it's once again time for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence. As we pause to consider “activism” and to take stock of our efforts, it is sobering to realize that we are still having to make the case that “Black Lives Matter,” that women should have access to contraception, that one should be able to attend college or serve in the military without being raped, that climate change is a deeply disturbing fact, that terrorism, whether in the home or in the street, is an affront to every faith tradition and that we are all a year older. How is it that we stay on these paths, seeking justice, safety, equality and healing?



GUEST BLOG: "I Will Survive": A Celebration for a New Year

I still remember the energy surging through my body that New Year's Eve as the words of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive echoed through the room. Sadness mixed with joy of freedom transformed into renewed confidence as I danced with friends welcoming a new year. I am a survivor; I will survive. I've moved from putting one foot in front of the other to dancing in celebration of a new secular year.



How Many? How Long?

This might sound like the start of a bad joke: What do a theologian (John Howard Yoder) and a comedian (Bill Cosby) have in common? More than you might imagine—and I’m not laughing. Both were major figures in their fields. Both were widely regarded and respected, even adored by many. Both were powerful men with a sense of entitlement. With impunity, both sexually abused scores of young women who trusted them for years. Both were shielded by their peers and colleagues from any meaningful accountability.


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