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Julie Owens Featured in Charlotte Magazine

One of FaithTrust Institute's favorite people has been featured in Charlotte Magazine for the work she's doing to protect domestic violence survivors and educate faith communities. Julie was featured in our video "Broken Vows," which remains an important cornerstone in our trainings and workshops. In October, Julie will lead FaithTrust Institute workshops for United Methodist Women as part of their Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign. Read more...


Recent Blog Posts

Getting It Right? Part 2: Keep Trying

Every day seems to bring a new chapter in the National Football League's drama of discovering the urgency of addressing domestic violence in its ranks. Team sports are about statistics. Football is about yards gained/lost, touchdowns scored, passes completed, third downs converted, etc. Here’s a statistic: conservatively speaking, 1 in 4 women will experience intimate partner violence at some time in her life.



GUEST BLOG: Happy New Year from Rabbi Mark Dratch

A Reflection for Rosh Hashanah: There is an old Jewish blessing offered as the New Year arrives: “May the old year and its troubles end, and the new year and its blessings begin.” A beautiful and hopeful thought, until you think: each new year begins with aspirations of change, redemption, blessing, and healing, and yet each ends with disappointment, struggle, and challenge. Perhaps this is the human condition.



Getting it Right?

I confessed my enjoyment of football last year when the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl. I also understand that football (and the National Football League) is a huge part of the fabric of American culture, for better and for worse. It is certainly a primary factor in the socialization of boys and men in our society. So, yes, I do read the sports page every day. Sometimes a story jumps from the sports page to the front page. This seems to be the case with the Ray Rice story.


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