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Upcoming Training

Responding to Clergy Misconduct | Seattle, WA

Mar 15, 2015 to Mar 17, 2015

What do you do when a faith leader violates the boundaries of a pastoral or teaching relationship? This training will provide a clear explanation of what clergy misconduct is, what boundary violations are, and what constitutes an appropriate response. We will provide a theological foundation for this process and emphasize a supportive response to complainants, respondents, and congregations. Read more...

Teaching Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201 | Seattle, WA

Apr 27, 2015 to Apr 29, 2015

This training in Seattle, from April 27-29, focuses on "prevention" and will equip trainers to teach Healthy Boundaries 101: Fundamentals & 201: Beyond Basics. The course is designed for those who are designated by their judicatory or organization to train clergy and spiritual teachers about healthy boundaries. Participants will deepen their own understanding of the issues, explore new challenges, and expand their options for training others. Read more...

What's New

Black Press USA Speaks with Rev. Dr. Sharon Ellis Davis on Rape in the Black Community

Rev. Dr. Sharon Ellis Davis spoke with Black Press USA about sexual assault, the Black community and the role of the church. Rev. Davis Ellis will present a webinar with FaithTrust Institute on March 25, 2015 called "Battered African American Women: An Examination of Gender Entrapment". Read more...

JUST RELEASED: 26th Edition of the Annotated Bibliography of Clergy Sexual Abuse and Sexual Boundary Violations in Religious Communities

This epic undertaking by James Evinger is an encompassing resource that includes non-fiction books, academic journals, law reviews, newspapers, websites, broadcast materials, etc. Over 1,300 pages in length, this is an invaluable resource for academics, as well as faith communities. Read more...

National Council of Catholic Women Offers Resource for Addressing Domestic Violence

National Council of Catholic Women has developed a Catholic-oriented domestic abuse prevention resource guide, available online. Read more...


Recent Blog Posts

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

“As gun rights advocates push to legalize firearms on college campuses, an argument is taking shape: Arming female students will help reduce sexual assaults.” I will tell you exactly what will go wrong. Here’s how it will go. Undergrad Sally is given a handgun by her parents on her birthday. Sally attends an abbreviated gun safety class which includes target practice. Sally now carries her gun in her backpack on campus. She says she feels safer. Two possible scenarios:



Fifty Shades of Depressing, Part 2 (The Movie)

First, a confession: I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey nor do I intend to. I have not seen the film nor do I intend to. When I choose a novel to read or a movie to see, I pay attention to reviews or suggestions of my friends. The thought of spending time reading second rate prose about dominant-submissive heterosexual sex or of watching soft-core porn in a theater just doesn’t seem very appealing. Life is too short. But I am intrigued by the apparent popularity of this book, now movie, and the discussions it has engendered. Sounds like a raunchy romance novel of the Twilight genre, expertly marketed and hyped to an adult female audience. Feminist? Anti-feminist? Liberating? Depressing?



Super Bowl Sunday...Again

In a spirit of full disclosure, it’s true: I am a fan of the game of football. In my hometown, that means the Seattle Seahawks. And that means the Super Bowl on February 1. Having said that, of course I have to comment on the intersection between the NFL and domestic violence. Particularly in light of events this past season, which involved high profile cases of NFL players assaulting family members. As we approach the Super Bowl, the urban myth regarding the increase in domestic violence on Super Bowl Sunday will once again make an appearance. It is a myth, by the way, that there is more domestic violence on Super Bowl Sunday. We don’t know where it started; probably it was someone’s hunch way back when. But the numbers don’t support it.


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