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Staff List

List of FaithTrust Institute staff


Jane Fredricksen
Executive Director
206-634-1903 x25

Cindy (Richard) Blair
Finance Director
206-634-1903 x29
Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune
Founder and Senior Analyst
Carolyn Scott Brown, MA
Learning and Resources Director
206-634-1903 x23
Sarah Butler
Program Manager
206-634-1903 x24
M.L. Daniel
Program Manager, Training
206-634-1903 x21
Amber Fusaro
Administrative Associate
206-634-1903 x22 
Clare Obradovich
Programs Associate
206-634-1903 x28

Lexy Ruelas
Order Desk / Customer Service
206-634-1903 x22
877-860-2255 (toll-free)









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