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Upcoming Free Webinars

Each month we host free live webinars brought to you in part by our funding partners. Click below by topic/title to register for upcoming webinars. And be sure to check back as we add more titles. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for links to recorded webinars. Our program managers will be happy to speak with you about our programs or hosting a personalized web training for you or your staff. Please contact us at 206-634-1903.

To register, click the title of the webinar you wish to attend.

Sept.22, 2015

11am-12 pm PT


United Methodist Women

What to Do When a Registered Sex Offender Comes to Your Congregation

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kathy McCallie, Phillips Theological Seminary

Registered sex offenders who are released into the community are approaching faith communities and asking to participate in worship and other activities. We know that community support is important to prevent re-offending. How can faith communities be part of an offender’s support network and insure safety for the congregation? Rev. Kathy McCallie has helped a congregation through the process of creating and implementing a policy and educational plan on this issue and has a wealth of experience to share.


Sept. 30, 2015

11am- 12 pm PT





Power and Control: Understanding How Faith Can Play a Role in Intimate Partner Violence

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune

The Power and Control Wheel is one of the foundational teaching tools for discussing domestic violence. However, the issue of faith and faith communities, so central to the lives of many survivors, was never included. Rev. Marie Fortune addresses this oversight and discusses how faith and spiritual teachings can support violence or overcome it.

Oct. 15, 2015

11am- 12 pm PT


Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTQ Relationships: Systemic, Cultural, and Faith Issues

Intimate partner violence in LGBTQ relationships is as common as in heterosexual relationships but often more invisible. Join Connie Burk, Rev. Dr. Sharon Ellis Davis, Rev. Dr. Marvin Ellison, and Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune for a discussion about the systemic, cultural, and faith issues that impact LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence. This conversation will focus on systemic issues, such as homophobia, that severely limit opportunities for victims to find help, as well as cultural and faith issues that may impact a faith community's ability to respond.

(Second in a three part series)

Nov. 10, 2015

11am- 12 pm PT



Pastoral Care for LGBTQ Victims/Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: A Roundtable Conversation

Join Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune, Rev. Dr. Kristen Leslie and Rev. Dr. Joretta Marshall for a conversations about the pastoral care issues that impact survivors of intimate partner violence, how clergy can aid victims in healing, and the role that the faith community plays in aiding or hindering spiritual and physical recovery.

(Third in a three part series)

Thank you to InFaith Community Foundation for their sponsorship of webinars in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Many of these webinars are available as recordings. Visit our Recorded Webinar Training page for a complete list.





















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