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Upcoming Free Webinars

Each month we host free live webinars brought to you in part by our funding partners. Click below by topic/title to register for upcoming webinars. And be sure to check back as we add more titles. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for links to recorded webinars. Our program managers will be happy to speak with you about our programs or hosting a personalized web training for you or your staff. Please contact us at 206-634-1903.

To register, click the title of the webinar you wish to attend.

April 16, 2015

11am-12 pm PT




The Spiritual Crisis of Child Victims of Abuse: How to Address Their Needs

Presented by Rev. Kathy Reid

The experience of violence and abuse has physical and psychological ramifications, but it also has a spiritual impact. For children, as for all victims, this spiritual crisis can be shattering. Join Rev. Kathy Reid, Executive Director of Family Abuse Center (Waco, TX), as she discusses the ways to help children understand abuse and the ways their faith can support their healing. Recommended for advocates who work with child victims, as well as pastors and youth ministers.

May 21, 2015

11am-12 pm PT

United Methodist Women

Healing from Abuse: Resources for Survivors

Presented by Rev. Patricia Simpson, Seattle District Superintendent, United Methodist Church and Rev. Mark Galang, Beacon United Methodist Church, Seattle

What are some of the main reasons women stay in abusive relationships? What religious teachings hold women hostage in violent relationships? Why do so many survivors of abuse leave the church? This webinar will address the spiritual crisis many survivors of abuse experience as a result of traditional teachings and misinterpretation of scripture, as well as how clergy and lay leaders can help in the journey to healing.

June 10, 2015

11am-12 pm PT


United Methodist Women

Addressing Elder Abuse in Your Faith Community

Presented by Rev. Dr. Sarah Rieth

Many victims and survivors of elder abuse turn to their faith communities for help. The faith community's response is critical. This webinar is designed for all clergy, faith leaders, and therapists who want to know more about elder abuse, how to respond, and where to refer, as well as for advocates who are building partnerships with faith communities.

June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

June 23, 2015

11am-12 pm PT




Intimate Partner Violence in Same-Sex Relationships: Pastoral Care Roundtable

Participants: Rev. Dr. Marvin Ellison, Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune,
Rev. Dr. Kristen Leslie, Rev. Dr. Joretta Marshall

More and more, pastors and faith leaders are asked to address the needs of same-sex couples. Domestic violence in a same-sex relationship is not unlike domestic violence in an opposite-sex relationships, but it is exacerbated by the context of homophobia in both church and society. This roundtable will discuss a framework for understanding the nature of same-sex intimate violence and the potential to offer supportive pastoral care within the faith community.



































Thank you to InFaith Community Foundation for their sponsorship of webinars in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Many of these webinars are available as recordings. Visit our Recorded Webinar Training page for a complete list.

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