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To ensure the health and safety of our employees, we are working limited hours in our office.
Because of this, we aren’t able to guarantee shipping times for orders at this time.

If you have an urgent order or question, please email us so we can try to help you as soon as possible. Please contact us at: ORDERS@FAITHTRUSTINSTITUTE.ORG

Banner Covid 19

We've created a COVID-19 resource page, with links for survivors, advocates, and spiritual communities. If you have additional resources that you think we should include, please email them to us.


Upcoming Training

Online Course: Healthy Boundaries 101 (Fall, 2020)

Sep 28, 2020 to Oct 30, 2020

Our online Healthy Boundaries 101 for Clergy and Spiritual Leaders begins on September 28, 2020. This five-week course allows participants to examine the complex roles and situations of ministry in a thoughtful, reflective way. Read more...

Buddhist Healthy Boundaries Online Course (October, 2020)

Oct 12, 2020 to Nov 13, 2020

A Healthy Boundaries course for Buddhist teachers. The course begins on October 12 and concludes with the last assignment due November 13, 2020. Read more...

ONLINE Teaching Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201 [November 2020]

Nov 10, 2020 to Nov 14, 2020

We have adapted our in-person Teaching Healthy Boundaries course into an online class. Students will meet with instructors in 5 live online sessions, for 2.5 hours each day. This course will equip trainers to teach Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201. It is designed for those persons designated by their judicatory or organization to train clergy and spiritual teachers about healthy boundaries. Read more...

What's New

Healthy Boundaries Scholarship Program for Buddhist Teachers

Thanks to a grant from Hemera Foundation, FaithTrust Institute is able to offer needs-based scholarships to Buddhist teachers who would like to participate in the Buddhist Healthy Boundaries online classes. Read more...

Sexual Abuse Claims: Boy Scouts of America

Information for filing a claim against Boy Scouts of America. Deadline is November 16, 2020. Please share this information widely with anyone you know who has been involved with Boy Scouts Read more...

E-Books: Healthy Boundaries 101 and 201 Workbooks

To help trainers and students during these days of social distancing, we're releasing our Healthy Boundaries 101 and 201 workbooks as ebooks. Read more...

Elder Abuse During Covid-19

FaithTrust Institute has joined other anti-violence organizations to call for increased awareness and prevention of elder abuse. Read more...

Why Faith Matters: A Resource for Advocates and Allies

FaithTrust Institute is delighted to announce the publication of our newest resource. Why Faith Matters is a handbook for advocates and allies that highlights the significant role that religion and spirituality plays in the lives of survivors of sexual violence. Read more...


Recent Blog Posts

Black Lives Matter: Sacred Breath

Many religious stories begin with a breath. God creating the universe with just a breath, and then light. A breath that clarifies thought, leading to understanding. The breath that pulses through the universe, inhabiting every person and everything—uniting us. “I…can’t…breathe.” This is the reality of where we are. And who we are. Our culture creates this violence, and supports it.



Coronavirus and Violence at Home

By Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune: In this corona era, many local communities are reporting up to a 50% decrease in 911 calls in general but a 20% increase in domestic violence calls. There is no surprise here. When we first heard the news of orders to shelter in place, many of us immediately thought about what that would mean for women and children who are battered or sexually abused in their homes. Basically it meant being locked up with one’s abuser, having limited access to help from the outside, and limited opportunity to escape.



Guest Blog: Sharing the Torch: Intergenerational Cooperation

Not too long ago, when I was first learning the ins and outs of Anita Hill’s testimony against Clarence Thomas and the “Year of the Woman,” I called my mom and asked what she remembered about it all. I was just a toddler in 1992; my mom was a camera woman at the local NBC affiliate—a boys’ club. Despite having worked at a news station, she didn’t remember much about the hearings or how many women joined the Senate (4) or the House of Representatives (24) the next year. What she did remember were her coworkers’ unwanted kisses, the sexist comments, and that time she threatened to quit her job, while pregnant, because of the perpetual sexual harassment she endured at the station.


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