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To ensure the health and safety of our employees, we are working limited hours in our office. Because of this, we aren’t able to guarantee shipping times for orders at this time.

If you have an urgent order or question, please email us so we can try to help you as soon as possible. Please contact us at: ORDERS@FAITHTRUSTINSTITUTE.ORG

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We've created a COVID-19 resource page, with links for survivors, advocates, and spiritual communities. If you have additional resources that you think we should include, please email them to us.


Upcoming Training

Healthy Boundaries 101: Online Course (Fall, 2021)

Oct 04, 2021 to Nov 06, 2021

COURSE DATES: October 4-November 6, 2021 This five-week course allows participants to examine the complex roles and situations of ministry in a thoughtful, reflective way. Read more...

Responding to Clergy Misconduct: Instituting Best Practices (Fall, 2021)

Oct 13, 2021 to Oct 21, 2021

LIVE ONLINE SESSION TRAINING DATES: October 13, 20, and 21 from 9:00 AM–12:30 PM CDT online. Additional training videos and online discussion in the intervening days. This newly revised live online course will offer participants the opportunity to understand how to institute best practices related to the investigation and adjudication of allegations of abuse within your organization. This is an essential training for Boards, ethics committees, and institutional leaders. We are offering special pricing on this new course! $549 early bird registration. Read more...

Buddhist Healthy Boundaries 101 Online Class (Fall, 2021)

Oct 18, 2021 to Nov 19, 2021

Course Dates: October 18-November 19, 2021 This online course is created specifically for Buddhist teachers and senior students of all lineages. Read more...

Teaching Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201 ONLINE [Fall, 2021]

Nov 03, 2021 to Nov 11, 2021

Training Dates: November 3,4,5,10,11 from 9-12 CT each day. We have adapted our in-person Teaching Healthy Boundaries course into an online class. Students will meet with instructors in 5 live online sessions, for 3 hours each day. This course will equip trainers to teach Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201. It is designed for those persons designated by their judicatory or organization to train clergy and spiritual teachers about healthy boundaries. Read more...

What's New

The Reverend Dr. William J. Augman, Jr., a Great Teacher and Leader

We at FaithTrust Institute are deeply saddened by the news that our long-time friend and colleague Rev. Dr. William Augman passed away on August 11, 2021. He leaves behind a lifetime of teaching and leadership as a pastor, professor, and mentor. Read more...

New Resource for Spiritual Leaders to Address Intimate Partner Violence

Encouraging and Preparing Faith Leaders to Respond Odyssey Impact has created an important new resource for spiritual leaders called Healing the Healers: Domestic Violence. This program is a multimedia video resource collection showcasing intimate peer-to-peer conversations with exceptional faith leaders on issues of crisis and trauma to be used in classrooms curriculums, as congregational tools and for self learning. Read more...

Supporting Victims and Survivors of Faith: Webinar Series for Advocates

Safe Havens has scheduled a series of webinars to help advocates better support victims and survivors for diverse spiritual communities. Read more...

2020 Newsletter

Read/download the FaithTrust Institute December, 2020 newsletter.

Free Advocate Handbook: Faith and Intimate Partner Violence

In recognition of DVAM, we are offering this FREE handbook that was created in collaboration with FCADV. Read more...

E-Books: Healthy Boundaries 101 and 201 Workbooks

To help trainers and students during these days of social distancing, we're releasing our Healthy Boundaries 101 and 201 workbooks as ebooks. Read more...


Recent Blog Posts

A Matter of Life and Death: Domestic Violence and the Healing Power of Faith

Reflection by Rev. Amy Gopp This powerful reflection was written by Rev. Gopp as part of her work with Odyssey Impact's new educational series Healing the Healers: Domestic Violence. This video-based series provides insights and strategies for care, along with practical tools to building a strong network of support in your faith communities. The series can be used for self-learning, workshops, trainings, as well as in the classroom and community. It includes 4 episodes and an expert written guide that navigates the complex issue of domestic violence to encourage and support faith leaders in creating safe and trusted communities for victims and survivors.



Guest Blog: Hope in the Research #6

In this blog post, Rev. James Evinger highlights some recent research trends, including the emergence of diverse frameworks for understanding sexual boundary violations within spiritual contexts and the increase in research in communities and religious contexts that have been underrepresented or ignored. Since 1995, Rev. Evinger has reviewed materials and updated the Annotated Bibliography of Clergy Sexual Abuse and Sexual Boundary Violations in Religious Communities. This huge undertaking has provided an extraordinary resource for scholars and researchers, as well as those seeking to address the needs of survivors.



Black Lives Matter: Sacred Breath

Many religious stories begin with a breath. God creating the universe with just a breath, and then light. A breath that clarifies thought, leading to understanding. The breath that pulses through the universe, inhabiting every person and everything—uniting us. “I…can’t…breathe.” This is the reality of where we are. And who we are. Our culture creates this violence, and supports it.


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