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Our online store is closed.

You can find all our videos available for free on YouTube including
A Sacred Trust (Clergy Healthy Boundaries)
Broken Vows: Religious Perspectives to Domestic Violence

Our published books and brochures are available as free PDF downloads at VAWnet, the online library of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence.

Click here for more information about our boundaries training materials including links to purchase printed copies of 101 & 201 Healthy Boundaries workbooks.


What's New

New Resource - Responding to Spiritual Leader Misconduct: A Handbook

Responding to Spiritual Leader Misconduct lays out the basic principles of analysis of misconduct in a spiritual or religious community: who, what, when, and where. It offers the principles for trauma-informed responses to complaints and the conceptual framework to navigate the process of response. The handbook is non-denominational and multifaith and not intended to represent the teachings of any particular spiritual tradition in matters of doctrine or morals. Read more...

Transitions at FaithTrust Institute

Because you are a supporter and ally of FaithTrust Institute, I am writing to share news about the organization's upcoming transitions. Like many non-profits, we have faced growing financial challenges generated by the March 2020 COVID lockdown. We have worked thoughtfully to continue our programming with fewer staff hours and reduced expenses. Additionally, we have looked for ways to continue to make our resources available to a wide audience. In our ongoing efforts to act as good stewards of our resources, we are announcing a few changes. Read more...

Free Advocate Handbook: Faith and Intimate Partner Violence

In recognition of DVAM, we are offering this FREE handbook that was created in collaboration with FCADV. Read more...

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