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Book Club: Faithfully Feminist

Faithfully Feminist

Faithfully Feminist: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Feminists on Why We Stay

"Faithfully Feminist is a must read for anyone eager to tear down the biases and stereotypes surrounding the loaded concepts of both religion and feminism. This beautifully written anthology finally provides a loud and clear voice for women who are proud to call themselves feminists and believers, and serves as a wakeup call to those who believe feminism is incompatible with religion. An inspiring book!"

—Shaheen Pasha, Asst. Professor, UMass-Amherst

Listen to a Recording of the Online Discussion:

Discussion Participants:

Dr. Gina Messina-Dysert, Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies at Ursuline College and Co-founder of

Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune, Founder and Senior Analyst, FaithTrust Institute


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