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A Rabbi’s Introduction to Domestic Violence
Jewish Concepts for Healthy Relationships (PDF)
Jewish Concepts for Healthy Relationships
Getting a Get?
Orthodox Jews can divorce but, under Jewish law, the husband controls the document known as a “get” which finalizes the divorce. If he refuses to give his ...
Yad B'Yad (Qty of 5)>>>SALE
Working Hand in Hand to Create Healthy Relationships. A curriculum for grades 6-8 in Jewish communities.
RCA Appoints Rabbi Mark Dratch as its New Executive Vice President
The Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), the largest group of Orthodox rabbis in the world, has named Rabbi Mark Dratch as its Executive Vice President.
Teshuvah and DV Treatment for Batterers
Jewish Teshuvah and similarities to contemporary ideas in treatment for batterers/perpetrators
GUEST BLOG: Lessons From Rebecca: Gender in the Bible
There has been a recent spate of attempts to reverse progressive laws protecting people of all genders from discrimination. These include the repeal of laws in ...
Guest Blog: Passover Reflection
I can always remember the timing of important events in my life because I associate them with the order of the Jewish calendar.
Good News is Always Welcome
I’m probably not alone in feeling the need for some good news, so I'm happy to share this: In a welcome development, three groups of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis ...
Hanukkah Reflection: In the Image of the Divine
At this year's White House Hanukkah celebration, President Obama spoke of the need to see those who are not like us and recognize their dignity, not just those ...
Guest Blog: Reflection on a Journey Towards Freedom
Ten years ago, the Center for the Prevention of Sexual Violence (now FaithTrust Institute), published A Journey Towards Freedom: A Haggadah for Women Who Have ...
Guest Blog: Toby Myers - Reflections on the High Holy Days
High Holidays were important to me as a child. They afforded me privilege. Being the oldest grandchild, I proudly accompanied my uber frum [very observant], ...