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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse, Ages 5-8

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Newly Revised 2012 - Sexual abuse prevention curricula. (Christian)


Author: Kathryn Goering Reid
Pub. Date: 1994
Revised: 2012
Publisher: United Church Press
ISBN: 0-8298-1016-1
Format: Paperback, 120 pp


Newly Revised in the Spring of 2012

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A Curriculum for Children Ages Five Through Eight, is an important sexual abuse prevention resource curricula designed for use in a Christian education setting. This book, a companion to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A Curriculum for Children Ages Nine Through Twelve, which Reid co-authored with Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune, takes the message of abuse prevention to a younger audience. The two curricula, each for a particular age group, are in a church school format.

Children are vulnerable to abuse from infancy onward -- a sad and frightening fact-- And this curriculum can help parents and those who work with children to deal with the difficult issue of child abuse in the context of a religious education program. It draws on excellent secular materials while using basic bibilical resources, and it confronts misinterpretations of Scripture that have been used to support abusive relationships. This curriculum teaches prevention techniques in a supportive community of God's caring.

Rev. Kathryn Goering Reid is an ordained pastor and executive director of the Family Abuse Center, Waco, Texas. 

Foreword by Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune

10 sessions (Cleveland: The United Church Press, 2012)

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