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What Churches Can Do>>>SALE

DVD program about domestic violence

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Study Guide Author: Rev. Thelma Burgonio-Watson
Pub. Date: 2002
Revised: 2009 (study guide)
Publisher: FaithTrust Institute
Format: DVD, Paperback
Total Length: 20 minutes


This one-hour program for use in Christian education offers basic information on domestic violence, as well as concrete ideas about how congregations can become involved in prevention and can offer a safe space for battered women.

Utilizing a 20-minute video (an edited version of Broken Vows) the program provides worship materials, background information, discussion questions, and practical steps congregations can take to become involved in preventing domestic violence. Includes a 24-page study guide and a package of awareness brochures.

This DVD program:

  • Teaches strategies to help churches support the complex needs of survivors of abuse
  • Provides education and training for clergy and lay leaders
  • Reviews practical steps churches can take to initiate a domestic violence ministry
  • Offers guidance to assist churches in preventing family violence
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