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Bless Our Children

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Preventing Sexual Abuse


Study Guide Author: Ann Downer, MS EdD; Billie Sargent Hatchell
Pub. Date: 1993
Revised: 2004 (study guide)
Publisher: FaithTrust Institute
Format: DVD, Paperback
Total Length: 40 minutes


A powerful video that tells the story of one congregation's efforts to include sexual abuse prevention in their children's religious education.

Bless Our Children:

  • Provides a case study approach on child abuse prevention education in a local church
  • Provides practical methods to educate parents and teachers
  • Provides strategies to address possible resistance to implementing prevention education
  • Actual classroom examples

Includes a 24-page study guide and a package of awareness brochure.

Online Video Streaming of Bless Our Children is Available. Click for more information.

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