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Garments for One Another>>>SALE

Ending Domestic Violence in Muslim Families

Garments for One Another>>>SALE

See video clip below.

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An important resource for mosques, religious leaders, social workers, community groups and shelter staff who offer help to Muslim women who currently experience violence in the home (see video clip below). This complete package offers solutions to prevent future violence within the context of the Islamic faith.

What Does This Resource Offer?

  • Interviews with survivors, religious leaders and community advocates
  • Safety and healing for Muslim survivors of domestic violence
  • Information for religious leaders about how to respond to domestic violence and become involved in prevention
  • A special feature of scholars and imams speaking in depth on Qur'an verse 4:34

Who Is This For?

  • Imams and religious leaders
  • Community advocates and other professionals
  • Community groups, task forces, and organizations addressing religion and domestic violence
  • Support groups for Muslim survivors of domestic violence

Package Includes
Peaceful Families Awareness Brochure

  • Three DVD segments:
    Understanding Domestic Violence (32 minutes)
    Islamic Perspective on Domestic Violence (31 minutes)
    What We Can Do to End Domestic Violence (29 minutes)
  • Comprehensive study guide

"I am inspired by the many scholars and activists who have participated in producing this wonderful DVD that addresses domestic violence in Muslim families."
--Imam Mohamed Magid, All Dulles Area Muslim Society


Online Video Streaming of Garments for One Another is Available. Click for more information.


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