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Sexual Violence - The Sin Revisited

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The Sin Revisited


Author: Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune
Pub. Date: 1983
Revised: 2005
Publisher: The Pilgrim Press
ISBN: 0-8298-1668-2
Format: Paperback, 280 pp


Originally published in 1983 as Sexual Violence: The Unmentionable Sin, this book is an updated combination of Fortune's experiences as a church educator, advocate for sexual abuse survivors, and pastor that answers a difficult question--How do we respond to sexual violence?

With sexual violence no longer the "unmentionable" sin it was 20 years ago, and with much progress having been made in the ways we respond to sexual violence, Sexual Violence: The Sin Revisited celebrates our changing consciousness but also continues to call religious leaders' and caregivers' attention to the pervasive constellation of problems.


"Since Fortune's groundbreaking book, Sexual Violence: The Unmentionable Sin, we have learned more about the causes of this human suffering. In this new volume, she pours her wealth of pastoral experience and ethical reflection into her writing. Every church leader must read this book so we can prevent sexual violence and provide healing for survivors."
--James N. Poling, professor, Garret-Evangelical Theological Seminary

"Hopeful, helpful, and still needed. Insistent in its prophecy, inclusive in its solutions, faithful in its presentation--a book that helped create the foundation for a field of study, now revised, helps to transform it."
--Carol J. Adams, author of Woman-Battering, a guide for ministers and caregivers

"Fortune's name is synonymous with religious efforts to bring about sexual justice. This revised book proves she has shaped the field definitively and that she continues to push the hard questions. To read it is to realize the revolutionary potential of Christianity to eradicate violence."
--Mary E. Hunt, co-director of Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual

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