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Haggadah: A Journey Towards Freedom

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For Women Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence


Author: Alison Iser; Michelle Lifton; Rabbi Lisa Gelber; Rabbi Cindy Enger; Irit Eliav, MSW; Leigh Nachman Hofheimer
Pub. Date: 2003
Publisher: FaithTrust Institute
Format: Spiral Bound, 54 pp


A Journey Towards Freedom: A Haggadah for Women Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence transforms the traditional Passover Seder into a special service that addresses the oppression and liberation of women journeying from abuse to safety.

Passover is the Jewish people's festival of freedom, celebrating the exodus and liberation of our Israelite ancestors from slavery in Egypt. Passover is the festival of springtime, the season of rebirth and renewal. Central to Passover is the seder, an evening shared in community with special foods, prayers, songs, and interactive telling of the story of the exodus. The seder has evolved over time, providing a framework for our telling that is open and inclusive.

Through prayer, song, and readings, this Haggadah illuminates the parallels between our people's ancient story of liberation from Egypt and the stories of courageous Jewish women who have experienced domestic violence. In the telling of both our personal and communal journeys from oppression towards freedom, we create a community that affirms the participation of us all in the movement towards the Promised Land. In this celebration of spiritual strength, hope, and community, healing becomes possible.

An ideal resource for community groups and domestic violence organizations and as a supplement to any Passover Haggadah.

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